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財務會計室 Office of Finance and Accounting

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About Us-FP

  1. Academic year budget collection, report, and enforcement.
  2. Reviewing accounting documents.
  3. Recording, posting, and filing vouchers.
  4. Recording, posting, and filing vouchers, as well as completing the accounting cycle.
  5. Recording and controlling accounts.
  6. Get audits from CPA and internal departments.
  7. Help the school departments with the accounting process.
  8. Keep track of amendments to accounting system.
  9. Property storage and recording.
  10. Research projects handling, expenditure audits, documents and invoice collections and reports.
  11. Review of the Department of Continued Education’s expenditure audits, documents, and invoice collection and reports.
  12. Review of Purchase Requisitions and Construction Project Contracts.
  13. Supervision of purchase, maintenance, abandonment and inventory checking of properties.
  14. Supervision and Review of important construction project bidding processes.
  15. Review of various contracts.
  16. Others.